KAP G – The Kids are the Coolest

As I get older and prepare myself to exit the beloved 20s, I’ve become more cynical about almost everything, except the youth. It’s common for people to be nostalgic about the past especially… Continue reading

Strictly Entre Nous Promo Video

Virgins of Los Angeles

We all know Los Angeles as a city that proudly fosters a type of whore, an attention seeking whore, a celebrity obsessed whore, a whore that travels as male or female, a whore… Continue reading

We’re Sad and Proud and Little Pain

A month ago I had a minor breakdown after an hour of driving around my neighborhood in search of a parking space. I literally drove around my neighborhood at 3AM for an hour… Continue reading

Pictures that I Can Touch

We all love pictures and we take more of them than in any other time ever, most us carry cameras every single day, everywhere we go. Yet I feel like we don’t  love… Continue reading

3 L.A. Murals of Singers, Actors and Teachers

Sometimes in Los Angeles it becomes easy to dismiss your surroundings, if you’re not running late pissed off at the car in front you because he’s making a left turn at an intersection,… Continue reading

Other People’s Memories (Melrose Trading Post)

A few weeks back a friend and I took a trip to Melrose Trading Post to spend the better half of a hungover Sunday under the sun with the hope to possibly finding… Continue reading

A Disposable Day (Koreatown L.A.)

A Disposable Day,  takes us through a night in Koreatown L.A. that captures mostly street sightings around the neighborhood and Metro. All of these images where taken after 3AM with a  disposable camera. If you’re interested in… Continue reading

Mikky Ekko – Kids

“Pull Me Down” by Mikky Ekko has been one of my favorite tracks this year, so much that I got a few friends into it and it even kinda became an anthem for… Continue reading

Hood Ish is Still the Coolest

As I’ve aged my interest in music and pop cultured have evolved as they should, I listen and follow a broader range of media now in comparison to my 14 year-old self. Like… Continue reading

My Car and I Share a Birthday

Before I moved to LA everything I knew about the city I learned from 90s Gangster rap and Chicano Cholo movies. Of course I knew about the Industry’s presence, its famous districts but not their actual geographical… Continue reading

Inside a Hollywood Porn Store (L.A. in 2 Megapixels)

I suck at sleep and I’m extremely comfortable with the streets and at times that combination leads me into places I wouldn’t care to visit during regular business hours. This last weekend after… Continue reading

Why I Shop at Thrift Stores

In 2007 I moved to San Jose, CA from Sacramento, shortly after I met a cool girl that was attending FIDM in San Francisco and she put me up on the Thrift Game.… Continue reading

I Love MacArthur Park (L.A. in 2 Megapixels)

Los Angeles is most known for its famous neighborhoods like Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice, etc. These neighborhoods attract the transplants (like myself) and tourists but I personally think the true center of Los… Continue reading

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